Creative Director, Designer, Visual Artist .Oddity Studio founder

I read. Books are my mentors when it comes to graphic design. Books on architecture, photography, cinematography, philosophy, and art are my inspiration. On one hand, I do like to have a list to keep my bookshelf in order. On the other hand, it is a way to express my deep appreciation for the writers and publishers of those books. At the same time, I hope to support those who want to read by sharing and offering a glimpse of what is inside each book. I do not add every single book I encounter, only those that have made a deep impression on my practice and ways of thinking. So, don't take it as a must-read or a list of pretty hyped books that you may see everywhere, but rather a very personal, opinionated selection with which you may agree or disagree. Some books are all about reading, while others are for looking. Some books are easy to access, while others may be found in PDF versions, second-hand stores, or libraries. Designers look up for me for my work principles and constructive feedback. * — I trust simple ideas that from stories behind brands, their strategy and visual languages. It is very easy to verbalise such ideas with just a few words: “Bubbles language”, “Rhythm of you” or “Place changing with time” — enough for ones imagination to light up with resonating images. There is nothing more inspiring to me than to see these ideas slowly finding its shape and materialising in carefully crafted prints or digital expressions. Recognition: I won some awards like D&AD, ADC New York, The One Show, TOP Asia Awards, Restaurant & Bar Design Award, a few Awwward SOTD and HKDA. My work is published in different books such as "Asia Paicific design" no.15 and no.16 by SANDU, "Dot Line Shape" and "Print Matters" by Victionary, and "Brand new Brand" by Gestalten.